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I'm planning to start a flight around the world in Flight Simulator X and share the individual sections of this flight with you here afterwards. Additionally I've prepared some data on the individual legs and the google maps route data which was exported with the Tool Plan G3. I also included pages dealing with which plugins, scenery and Tools I use.

(to enhance the overall image and video quality, I try to use custom scenery for landscape and airports whereever I can.)

Diary ThreadFLIGHT PLAN  DOWNLOADGoogle Maps Tour View
Aircraft Hangarff
my HangarTour rules and Restr.Software&Plugins
Ich möchte unbedingt einen Flug um die Welt im Flight Simulator X anfangen und die einzelnen Abschnitte dieses Fluges hier mit euch teilen.  Dazu habe ich vorab Daten zu den einzelnen Legs und das Bild der Gesamtstrecke mitgebracht, hergestellt mit dem Tool Plan G3 (

I hope you enjoy!

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