Tour Rules

The rules are one of the most important part in flying my world tour. Whats the point in flying a world tour in a few days with time compression? The guy who got me into flight simming, Steve, managed to "fit" me with a very special sense of immersion, which gets its hand on everything I do in flight sims today.
Same thing with the realism setting ... we all know flight simulators, especially FS X, aren't very realistic in terms of the actual flying experience. I guess we should try everything to make it as immersive as possible..


( I )   No use of Time Compression at all.

( II ) All realism settings should be set to the maximum possible.

( III ) There should always be a as-realistic-as-possible weather system in place, same things for mesh and scenery.

( IV ) At this point in time there are no plane restrictions towards more realistic and high cpu load payware machines. I'm aware that this conflicts with rule 2 to a certain extent, but these planes are a nightmare in terms of configuration etc, at least in FS X and X-Plane 10.

( V ) There should always be departure, travel and arrival routes which are as realistic as useful, for example SID. STAR, or ATC regulated departures and arrivals.

( VI ) Flyby's and Touch n' Go's - It turns out that I don't have time to land on all the airports en route. However I don't want to miss a single of the planned POIs of the tour, so I added Flyby Waypoints and maybe will add some touch n' go sort of waypoints in future.


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